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1.3. How to Generate a Staff List by Building

To generate a list of staff members by a particular school, follow these steps:

1. Once you've logged into SchoolMessenger, click on the "System" tab at the top of the page
2. From the "System" tab, choose "Contacts"
3. Within the Contacts page, under the search options, select "Search by Rules"
4. Change the "Field" dropdown box to "school", select the school you wish to filter by under the "Value" category, and press "Add" (This will give you a list of all contacts at that particular school)
5. To continue filtering that particular school's contact list by staff members, go back to the "Rules" section and choose "Contact Type" from the "Select a Field" dropdown box
6. Choose "is" and then select "Staff"
7. Press the "Add" button. The search results should then display a filtered list of staff members for the school that was chosen in step four

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