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1. Go Guardian FAQs

1.1. Go Guardian FAQs

  • Anne is always willing to meet one-on-one if a teacher has questions/needs help.

  • Tips:

    • If student screens show offline, try one of the two following tricks:

      • Teacher - clear cache/cookies (see steps 1-8 at bottom of sheet), refresh GoGuardian page, and try again

      • If the above did not work, have student shut down Chromebook completely (not just sign out).

  • Be aware that, when a teacher uses a scene that limits tabs in any way, that the student loses any tabs that he/she had open.  After testing out things and working with the company, the only option for the student is to bookmark the sites prior to you starting the scene session.

  • If a student gets stuck in a session from a prior hour’s teacher:

    • have the student shut the CB completely down (not just sign out)

    • have one of his/her teachers, in GoGuardian, lock that student and then unlock that student

  • If you create a scene, and limit student tabs to only certain sites, be aware that if you use (Google Classroom) or (Drive), GoGuardian will not allow the student to open documents within those sites.  I was recently told by GoGuardian tech support that placing an asterisk after sites like this (for example,*) will allow students to open documents within the site. Currently, I have a couple teachers testing this to see if this in facts works.

Directions for the teacher to clear cache/cookies as described above:

  1. In your browser window, click on the ‘Settings’ menu (three vertical dots in upper right corner of the screen).

  2. Settings will open.  Scroll to bottom of the screen and click on ‘Advanced’.

  3. Scroll down a little.  At the bottom of the ‘Privacy and security’ section, is ‘Clear browsing data’.  Click on that.

  4. At the top of the box that appears, click on the down arrow and select ‘the beginning of time’.

  5. Make sure the top four items are selected (a checkmark should be placed in the box if not already).

  6. Click on the blue ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

  7. When the process is done, you can close out of the ‘Settings’ screen.

  8. Refresh your GoGuardian page and log back in.